When it comes to exterior painting your deck and fence is the area you will notice the most. Quality staining or painting of your will allow you to enjoy your deck for years.  It can be very expensive to repair or replace. This can be easily prevented by routine maintenance and staining. With proper care it will serve you for years to come as a place for friends and family to gather and enjoy the out doors. Decks are exposed to severe weather conditions that can rot or damage the wood. If neglected, decks can develop all sorts of problems.  A quality finish that is applied properly will be your best investment in making it last.

Stain by Colors:

Clear.  Allows the natural wood grain to show, which gives the minimum protection.
Semi transparent.  Allows partial wood grain to show. This coating has a better U.V. protection and gives the deck better wear and tear resistance.
Solid.  This stain blocks out most to all grain color and shows a solid finish, giving the best protection with U.V. protection, wear and tear and comes in unlimited colours.

Stain formulations:
Stain is not paint.  It allows the wood to breathe.  Being much thinner, it penetrates deep into the grain, allowing the wood of the deck to expand and contract with weather conditions and creating a longer lasting deck for you and your family to enjoy.

Prepare and Sand: Deck-Patio


Pressure Wash: Deck-Patio-Concrete-Brick-Stone

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Re-Stain: Deck-Patio

Sanding back your deck before you give it a stain is a great way to improve the smoothness of the finish. As long as you get your preparation right and use the right tools, this simple job will help make your deck look and feel good for years to come.

Our pressure washing team offers the ultimate solution for your property. We have many years of experience in cleaning brickwork, concrete, deck, patio and stone, and many other materials. Our power cleaning services have become very popular all over DC Metro area.

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